In the person of our partner Andreas May, we offer the service of an officially recognised conciliaton office (“Anerkannte Gütestelle”).

Statute of limitations issues can often be resolved more easily and more cost-effectively by an application for conciliation than by a court order to pay (“Mahnbescheid”). Moreover, a request for conciliation can smooth the way to a mutually agreeable dispute resolution.

The official recognition as a conciliator offers the parties involved in a conflict the special possibilities and chances offered by an application for conciliation. To achieve suspension of the limitation period, the applicant is independent from the cooperation of the other party if the application for conciliation is sufficiently precise and not considered to be an abuse of legal rights. A conciliation procedure follows when the other party agrees after receipt of the application for conciliation. The procedure and the costs are governed by the Rules of Conciliation of the conciliation office. The parties keep control over the conciliation procedure at every stage, including exit. Following the procedural principles stated in the Rules of Conciliation, the conciliator submits a (non-binding) proposal for dispute resolution if this is what all parties involved wish at the given time.