Well negotiated solutions can also be achieved outside formal proceedings.

Negotiated solutions outside formal proceedings are attributable both to the field of traditional advocacy and the field of dispute resolution. For us the question of allocation is of minor importance, as we cover both fields with a high level of commitment and quality. For our work it is much more important that the competences correlate and support each other. This enables us to flexibly respond to any given situation and, depending on the requirements and usefulness, focus more on our competence as mediators or that of commercial lawyers.

In complex negotiation situations, the knot is often cut faster and better results are achieved when the other party sees that its interests are also considered. This does not at all mean that negotiations are held from a weak position and that the other party's interests are decisive. However, with an appropriate approach, a party's representative can openly and trustfully negotiate and simultaneously safeguard the client's interests absolutely.

Our range of services includes goal-oriented negotiation mandates for resolving given conflicts as well as preventive measures that can avoid conflicts, sometimes already during the negotiation of contracts. It goes without saying that for our clients we also conduct contract negotiations that are not connected with any existing or potential conflicts. Also in this core area of traditional advocacy we have noticed that our negotiation competencies have benefited from our experience in mediation.